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Sublime text 2 package control ubuntu

The console is accessed sublime via the ubuntu ctrl shortcut or the package View Show Console menu.
control Docs, basic Functionality, package Control control is driven by the Command Palette.Temporarily turn off a package (if you think it's causing problems, for instance).Sublime Text 2 import urllib2,os, hashlib; h sublime pf 'Package blime-package ipp stalled_packages_path kedirs( ipp ) if not.Paste this on sublime the textbox field that appears - t, press Command-Shift-P (Mac OS X) or Ctrl-Shift-P (Windows) again and start typing Package text Control.Enable Package, re-enables a package that has been disabled.This is useful to distribute commercial packages.To open the palette, press ctrl shift p (Win, Linux) or cmd shift p (OS X).Install the Package Control package, go to copy the long command there. Start typing Package Control until you see the windows appropriate commands.
The permissions on my installation somehow were set to slik something masud wonky.Unless you intentionally masud want to give everyone write access to a directory the most you should give is 775 which allows other users in the same group to write to that directory.I don't see any real issues with it in itself, but getting into the habit of making something fully write-able could result in a mistake that opens your edition system up to vulnerabilities if you don't know the consequences of your actions.Remove Package, head upgrade Package, upgrade a specific package, upgrade/Overwrite All Packages.Create Binary Package File.The first and obvious solution was to sudo chown -R username:username This returned control of the directory.Like I said -way before, this isn't necessarily going to be a problem if any user on your system can write to your sublime-text packages folder.It should list all available packages.According to its webpage : A full-featured package manager that helps discovering, installing, updating and removing packages for Sublime Text.What that would have been or when slips my mind, but I have been known with to do dumb things while sleep deprived during finals week).Install Local Dependency, show a quick panel of folders in the Packages/ that are not currently installed as dependencies, but have.sublime-dependency file.So, did some digging.This removes the package folder, and the package name from the installed_packages list in Packages/User/Package blime-settings.