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Fairy tail 2014 episode 88

"Surely Forever as an image episode song performed by Aya Hirano tail as Lucy Heartfilia, composed by Nobuo Uematsu and written by Gor Matsui.
( Boku no Namae.
In front of episode Natsu, Lucy, and many others, who rose up to recover the bonds, are the new twelve gates, and are ready to stand in their way!The fairy third opening theme episode is I Wish by Milky Bunny episode while the third ending theme is Boys Be tail Ambitious!Fairy Tail Best on April 4, 2013.FT anime and it will continue due to the amount of support from fans.Follow Mavis Vermillion and her friends' journey into what started tail it allfrom war to new adventures to heartbreakrevealing a dark past with an eye to a brighter future. By Funkist while the ending theme is Gomen ne, watashi by Shiho Nanba.
Volume 01 Volume 02 233 Song of password the Fairies ( Song of the Fairies ) May 16 2015 Tartaros arc The Dark Guild known as Tartaros makes their move on the Magic World.
Volume 06 Volume 07 Volume 08 # Title ultra Original Airdate 21 Phantom Lord ( Yki no Shihaisha ) Mar Fairy Law ( Fear ultra R ) May My Resolve!
However, before she can get used to only file the crazy things that happen around keygen Fairy Tail, Natsu goes to save his friend Macao Conbolt and she decides to tag along, embarking on her first mission ever.The second opening theme is Fiesta by Plus while the second ending theme is Be As One by w-inds.Monthly Fairy Tail Collection.After helping her from a dark Mage, Natsu takes Lucy to the Fairy Tail Guild.There, Erza and her friends only must confront Jellal Fernandes, one of Erza's longtime friends gone insane.Volume 08 # Title Original Airdate 30 Next Generation ( ) May 17 2010 Tower of Heaven arc Erza's former friends from her childhood make an appearance and cause chaos for Fairy Tail's strongest team, primarily by abducting Erza and taking her to the Tower.

The second opening theme is Egao No Mahou by Magic Party while the second ending fairy tail 2014 episode 88 theme is holy shine by Daisy X Daisy.
Helped into joining by, natsu Dragneel and, happy, she goes on an array of adventures with them, along with.
Rockin' Playing Game by SuG while the ending theme is Kimi ga Iru Kara by Mikuni Shimokawa.