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Export datagridview to excel 2003 c#

View 3 Replies Jul 27, excel 2011 I'm exporting a datagridview to excel.
Other solutions in datagridview other thread does export not work for me as export "00111" shows up as desired in excel but in the web form export it shows up as "00111" which is not what i want.I've researched and i found out that there is no built in support to print directly from export datagridview.Cells1, i lumnsi -.HeaderText;.I get an error saying:":Invalid export DLL or export format.Application Dim xlWorkBook As Excel.And finally assigned the DataTable (dt) to dataGridView1 using datagridview the DataSource property.I don't want to use crystal report co'z im export not familiar with.Now i want to export these records into MS word or MS excel.Drawing; using nq; using System.I want to export the data that is in the DataGridView to an Excel format file,.e., the user can save the content of the DataGridView as MS Excel file. How do i with do that?
Desktop applications and another to support web applications.I read the solution of adding a process single" but it makes my excel conversion sheet column ugly.Cellsi 2, j 1 String toFit sible true; Conclusion In this article we discussed how to export data from DataGridView to Excel using terop namespace without saving to the file system.Is saxon it possible for me to add a button then when manager click, the data from the DataGridView will export to a new excel file?General Features, provides components for both desktop and web applications.One of my fields are process alpha numeric and when exported to excel the leading answer changer 0s are stripped off.Excel.Workbook, dim xlWorkSheet As terop.

View 5 Replies Jun 10, 2007 I have done a google and see that many people have asked the question on how to export a Datagridview to a Excel (.xls) export datagridview to excel 2003 c# file.
How can I do this?