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Cisco 6500 power supply redundant mode

egress port.
Compiled Fri 09-Dec-16 07:07 by prod_rel_team boot bootdisk:n,1; power config_file bootldr Configuration register 0x2102 The second time making force-switchover goes more faster, because your switches has the same IOS image, in my situation it was 20 seconds mode And the last but not the least: Inserting new.
Slots containing supervisor engines or Switch Fabric Modules power are bypassed and are not powered down.
These line cards mode have 2x8gb connections to the switch fabric and no classic bus connection.After reloading redundant and booting new image the second node will be in Standby Cold mode.System power is increased to approximately 167 percent of the lower-wattage power supply.However, if any part of this operation is skipped, errors will occur (resulting in a stalled bus and ultimately a chassis reload).Jan 7 09:44:01 653: Jan supply 7 06:44:00.751 UTC: OIR-SW1-6-insrem: Switch 1 Physical Slot 4 Module Type line_card inserted Jan 7 09:44:44 power 654: Jan 7 06:44:43.927 UTC: Jan 7 09:44:44 655: Jan 7 09:44:44 656: Jan 7 09:44:44 657: Malfra Upgrade in progress on module. Dcef720 edit This mode of operation acts identically to dcef256, except with 2x20gb connections to the cisco switch fabric.
On the cisco other hand, SSO needs 0-3 seconds for the switchover on Layer.
This command reload cisco the first node and the second node becomes Active Hot.The latest generation supervisor is the Supervisor.NoteFor proper load-sharing operation in a redundant power supply configuration, you must install two modules in the chassis.In this mode, assuming all line cards have a switch fabric connection, an ingress packet is queued as before and its headers are sent along the dBus to the supervisor.System power is the combined power capability of both supplies.If you fail to install two modules, you might receive spurious output fail indications cisco on the power supply.A 6000W power supply is supported in these chassis, but will output a maximum of 4000W).Multilayer Switch, feature Card (msfc) and a Policy Feature Card (PFC).If you switch from power power a redundant to a combined configuration, both power supplies mode are enabled (even a power supply that redundant was disabled because it was of a lower wattage than the other power supply).It provides 80 gigabits per slot on all slots of 6500-E chassis.This allows for greater utilisation of the power supplies and potentially increased PoE densities.NoteThe 100-MB and the 1-GB SFP transceivers share the same form factor, but are not interchangeable.The receiving line card queues the egress packet before sending it from the desired port.